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C# Creating Applications Using Visual Studio

This course follows on from the Programming in C# Introduction course. Build upon your current knowledge of programming basics by writing Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications in the C# programming language. This course will show you how to write professional looking applications with many of the common GUI controls, such as buttons, labels, text boxes, check boxes, and radio buttons. You'll also learn how to put menus and toolbars into your program to make them easier to use. And later in the course, you'll find out how to make your program work with dates and strings as well as debugging applications. This ten week course will walk you through computer application design and implementation by giving you real examples that you can build as you learn. Since practicing is the best way to learn programming, most lessons have more than one example, and each provides a programming problem you can solve to demonstrate your new knowledge.

Entry requirements

This course is considered an entry level course, and no previous competence or knowledge of programming or software development is required. However, basic programming skills would be of benefits. It would also be advantage to have previously completed Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals (98-361).

Course content

You will learn to:

  • Modify the properties of an object using the Visual Studio design environment.
  • Create an application that will use the following controls: label, text box, button, list box, check box, radio button, image control, toolbar buttons, menu structure and a timer control.
  • Use variables with the correct data type and variable scope.
  • Design and code applications that will make use of the following C# statements: Assignment statement, Switch, IF, Do While, For loop.
  • Use the Visual Studio Design Environment to create an application.

The core course topics will include:

  • Introduction to Visual Studio, the IDE environment
  • How to design a Windows Forms application
  • How to code and test a Windows Forms applications
  • How to work with numeric and string data
  • How to code control structures
  • How to code methods and event handlers
  • How to handle exceptions and validate data
  • How to use arrays and collections
  • How to work with dates and strings
  • More skills for working with Windows forms and controls
  • How to debug an application
  • How to create and use classes

Further study and career options

The course will provide you with a range of skills and knowledge required for a career in software development. 

Additional information

Microsoft software - such as Visual Studio – can be freely downloaded for use by students on this course.

Course Information & How to Apply

Unfortunately this course has been cancelled. Please ring 01234 291000 or email for alternatives.

Start DateCourse Code
24/05/2013 F2140 Course in progress


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Additional formats
Course information sheets are also available in large print and audio formats. Call us on
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