Annual Review

Message from the Principal

During the past six years Bedford College has grown rapidly to become the largest college in the region for 16-18 education, apprenticeship training, higher education and part-time education. This is an amazing achievement given a stable population, new competitors and being based in one of the region’s smaller market towns.

Ian Pryce

Achieving this growth has been down to partnership. Partnership with community organisations and employers who are committed to the development of their staff. Partnership with our own employees and governors who also invest in their own development and use their skills to help our students. And, of course, partnership with our amazing students who continue to push themselves to gain qualifications that are recognised nationally and internationally.

Our students’ achievements translate into great results for them: jobs, promotions, university and a more socially and economically prosperous community.

We want everyone to have the chance to achieve these positive outcomes and this was the aspiration that formed the basis of our 2021 strategic plan which we finalised this summer. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read on and find out more.

Ian Pryce's signature

Linda Hockey

2016 has seen major change in the world we live in. We know the best way to cope with change is to ensure we are more resilient, more observant, more agile and more productive. Further education helps support individuals and employers to do just that. So it is no surprise that Bedford College has continued to grow, even in a period of austerity, to become the largest education provider in the region.

This summer, the Bedford College Corporation approved a new strategic plan for the period to 2021. We are determined to continue investing in our staff, our programmes, our infrastructure and our high-quality service, even in this period of uncertainty.

We are also determined to make sure we improve education and skills for everyone in the community. We know: the higher your level of education, the higher your salary, the lower your chances of unemployment and the longer your life expectancy. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to achieve this.

The Bedford College Corporation is pleased that our ambitious Strategic Plan for the years 2010- 2016 has already been achieved and we are now developing an equally ambitious plan for 2016-21.

Linda Hockey
Chair of the Corporation

  • Mr K Bromboszcz (Chair of the Corporation until 12 July 2016)
  • Mrs L Hockey (Chair of the Corporation from 12 July 2016 to present)
  • Mr S Briggs
  • Mrs S Clough
  • Mrs D Dankyi-Killick
  • Mr J Frost
  • Ms E Johnson
  • Mr M Kiteley
  • Mr J Marriott
  • Mr S Miah
  • Mrs S Selwood
  • Mr A Simmons
  • Mr A Schofield
  • Ms J Dudeney
  • Mr C Whewell
  • Mr I Pryce
  • Ms N Bandee
  • Mr I Khan